Winner of the 2022 Palliative Medicine Resident Research Award

Congratulations to Dr. Priya Gupta, from McMaster University, for winning the 2022 Palliative Medicine Resident Research Award. She was selected by audience vote, via webinar, for her presentation Exploring Facilitators to and Barriers in Providing Outpatient Palliative Care to Refugees: A Mixed Methods Study. Congratulations to the other finalists too, for their excellent presentations about their scholarly projects: Dr. Conor Barker from the University of British Columbia, and Dr. Harrison Moore from the University of Alberta.

A great deal of work took place to make this possible. Thank you to all residents who submitted abstracts; to Dr. Jenny Lau, Dr. Gord McDonald, and Dr. Jessica Simon for reviewing the blinded abstracts; to the CSPCP members who attended the webinar; to the CSPCP admin team for organizing the virtual event; and to Dr. Leonie Herx for leading everyone!