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Memoir by Dr. Balfour Mount

We are sharing with our membership a memoir written by the first president of the CSPCP.

Dr. Balfour Mount’s memoir, Ten Thousand Crossroads: The Path as I Remember It, is now available at: https://www.amazon.ca/Ten-Thousand-Crossroads-Path-Remember/dp/0228003547

“The story of Dr. Mount’s life and the influences which caused a boy from Ottawa to become a leader of singular import is an extraordinarily interesting tale…readers may look forward to an engrossing and witty read. ” -Neil MacDonald

“Recognized as the father of palliative care in North America, Balfour Mount facilitated a sea change in medical practice by foregrounding concern for the whole person facing incurable illness”

“Embedded in Balfour Mount’s fascinating autobiography is crucial insight into the birth of a medical subspecialty that became a movement in society: the attempt to offer relief from emotional and physical suffering at the end of life.” -Gregory Fricchione Harvard Medical School

Happy reading.

CSPCP in the news January 2020

On behalf of the CSPCP, President Leonie Herx advocates for maintaining hospice palliative care resources in the ongoing dispute between Delta Hospice Society and Fraser Health in BC.



CSPCP President wins QELCCC Advocacy Award

(Jan 25, 2017) CSPCP President Dr. David Henderson was honoured today as the recipient of the Honourable Sharon Carstairs Palliative Care Award of Excellence in Advocacy. The award is granted by the Quality End of Life Care Coalition of Canada in recognition for advocacy in palliative care. Dr. Kathryn Downer, National Director for Pallium Canada, spoke eloquently of Dr. Henderson’s work to improve palliative care in Canada. The award was presented by Dr. Downer and by Sharon Baxter, Executive Director of the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association. Congratulations, Dave!
Photo: Dr. Kathryn Downer, Dr. David Henderson, Sharon Baxter