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Memoir by Dr. Balfour Mount

We are sharing with our membership a memoir written by the first president of the CSPCP.

Dr. Balfour Mount’s memoir, Ten Thousand Crossroads: The Path as I Remember It, is now available at: https://www.amazon.ca/Ten-Thousand-Crossroads-Path-Remember/dp/0228003547

“The story of Dr. Mount’s life and the influences which caused a boy from Ottawa to become a leader of singular import is an extraordinarily interesting tale…readers may look forward to an engrossing and witty read. ” -Neil MacDonald

“Recognized as the father of palliative care in North America, Balfour Mount facilitated a sea change in medical practice by foregrounding concern for the whole person facing incurable illness”

“Embedded in Balfour Mount’s fascinating autobiography is crucial insight into the birth of a medical subspecialty that became a movement in society: the attempt to offer relief from emotional and physical suffering at the end of life.” -Gregory Fricchione Harvard Medical School

Happy reading.