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CSPCP members featured in National Post series

(Sept/Oct 2017) The National Post is publishing a 4-part series called “Redefining Palliative Care”. The series is sponsored by the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC).

Story 1 – “Report calls for new understanding of palliative care for people with cancer” quotes CSPCP member Dr. Deborah Dudgeon and CSPCP President Dr. David Henderson.

Story 2 – “Why you shouldn’t be afraid of palliative care” quotes CSPCP member Dr. Camilla Zimmermann.

Story 3 – “Living better with an advanced disease” is a patient story about the benefits of early palliative care, with commentary from Shane Sinclair, associate professor in the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Calgary.

Story 4 – “Better access to home palliative care needed in Canada” is a patient story about the benefits of home palliative care. It includes commentary from Nadine Henningson from the Canadian Home Care Association and Dr. Heather Bryant from CPAC.