Palliative care providers oppose Bill 52

Opinion: Palliative-care providers oppose Bill 52, Quebec should listen

By Manuel Borod and Bernard Lapointe and Balfour Mount, The Gazette October 10, 2013

If we were to build a bridge and 90 per cent of the engineers felt the design was dangerous, there would be a public outcry. Why is there no such outcry in Quebec in response to Bill 52, which the great majority of palliative-care providers oppose?

Bill 52, Quebec’s proposed legislation on medically assisted death, makes the following dangerous assertion:

End-of-life care means palliative care provided to persons at the end of their lives, including terminal palliative sedation and medical aid in dying.

The bill, as proposed, unilaterally and without consultation with palliative-care specialists, redefines the meaning of palliative care. It proposes end-of-life care that is contrary to the internationally defined goals of palliative care. This is dangerous, as it will harm the provision of palliative-care services.

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