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The schools shown below are willing to share some of their education and assessment materials with member of the Undergraduate Education Committee. If you wish to request any of these materials, please contact the representative from the relevant school.

Podcasts: About Empathy

About Empathy is a healthCARE podcast that focuses on patient, caregiver and healthcare provider stories. Podcast guests discuss their personal stories, while the hosts reflect on those stories to help enable and support empathic and authentic interactions in the healthcare community. The podcasts were developed at Sunnybrook hospital and have relevance for both undergrad and postgrad.

The website is http://www.aboutempathy.com.

Episodes can be accessed for free on iTunes, GooglePlay or streamed from the website directly.

Anyone with questions, feedback or suggestions can email us (aboutempathypodcast@gmail.com) or reach us on Twitter (@aboutempathy).

Goals of Care Conversation Resources

The U of T is using this resource. The video clips are used in one of their self-learning modules for the year 2 undergraduate curriculum. Dr. Leah Steinberg developed the module and video clips using standardized patients. She has given her permission for members of the undergrad committee to access and use the module. It has changed somewhat in the last couple of years in that it is more a self learning module with the video clips embedded within.

The module can be accessed at: goalsofcaremodule.com


Craig Goldie email: craig.goldie@kingstonhsc.ca

Donna Spaner email: dspaner@torontograce.org
Risa Bordman email: rbordman@rogers.com

Amane Abdul-Razzak email: Amane.Abdul-Razzak@albertahealthservices.ca

Pippa Hawley (Division Head) email: phawley@bccancer.bc.ca
Chloe Yeh (Administrative Assistant) email: chloewyy@mail.ubc.ca


Form of delivery: lecture slides (with cases) & exam questions
Note: use MCQs/SAQs to assess Intro to PC/Pain/Grief & Bereavement
 Introduction to PC
 Pain from PC Perspective
 Grief and Bereavement
 Breaking bad news, Y2, *slides & standardized patient cases,

U of T
Form of delivery: all topics use self-learning modules unless otherwise stated*
NOTE: Need approval by Foundations coordinator to share materials
 Intro to PC
 Pain and Symptom Management
 Indigenous Health and PC
 Breaking Bad News
 Decision Making at EOL
 Grief & bereavement – Intro, pain, & symptoms, *lectures
 Pain and Symptoms, *slides
 Case – lung cancer

Form of delivery: class lecture
 Palliative Approach to Care – Bow Tie Method
 Symptom management, Y2 & Y3
 Intro to advanced care planning, Y2
 Goals of care discussions, Y2
 Management issues for non-curative cancer patients, Y2
 Communication, Y3 & Y5 small group integrative case with standardized patients
 Ethics, Y3 &Y5, small group integrative case with standardized patients
 Pain management, Y4
 Symptom management within PC context, Y4 & Y5

Form of delivery: all topics use slides unless otherwise stated*
 Pneumonia and Cough
 Heart Murmur – Congenital Heart Disease Management, *group discussion
 Upper abdominal pain (referred pain)
 Weight loss
 Lower GI bleeding
 Peripheral neuropathy -Sensory receptor physiology
 Spinal cord injury – the psychology of functional loss
 Multiple sclerosis
 Bleeding disorders & hematological malignancies – Delivering bad news, *patient/guest presentation
 Headache & pain (psychological impact of chronic illness, including pain)
 Stroke and palliative care, Y2, *group discussion
 Heart failure, Y2
 Prostate cancer & benign prostatic hyperplasia, Y2
 Hypotension, End-of-Life Care in the ICU, Y2
 Management of Severe Pain from Serious Illnesses, Y2, *slides & group discussion
 Ambulatory Care, Y3
 Death – Palliative Care-End-of-Life, Y4, *workshop


Form of delivery: lecture slides with cases, modules, exam/assignment questions
 Opioid Prescribing
 Discharging Patient to die at home
 On-Call Issues (N/V, neurotoxicity)
 Advanced Symptom Management (Dyspnea, agitated/terminal delirium)
 MCQs/SAQ/Graded Team Based Assignment

U of T
Form of delivery: PDFs (leader answer sheet & student)
 Small Group Learning Case (Heart Failure)

Form of delivery: small group seminars
 Advanced Care Planning / Goals of Care
 Ethics in Palliative Care
 Ethics in end-of-life care

Form of delivery: Apprenticing 4 weeks each: family physician, emergency medicine, ambulatory care & summative written exams, OSE, WBAs, & Portfolio; self-study; workshop (Y4)
 Ambulatory care
 Self-Study
 Death


Form of delivery: slides
 Cannabis in Palliative Care