Staffing Model Working Group

In March 2017 the CSPCP formed a working group to help the Board refine and validate a recommended staffing model for palliative care. The goal is to provide a systematic way for programs to determine the staffing that is required to provide consistent access to high-quality palliative care across Canada.

The Working Group fulfilled its mandate October 2019 with publication the CSPCP’s Staffing Model for Palliative Care Teams in the Journal of Palliative Medicine.

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Working group members:
Dr. Anne Boyle, Hamilton, ON (Co-Chair)
Dr. David Henderson, Truro, NS (Co-Chair)
Dr. Aleco Alexiadis, Vancouver, BC
Dr. Doris Barwich, Vancouver, BC
Dr. Stephanie Connidis, Halifax, NS
Dr. Leonie Herx, Edmonton, AB
Dr. Dave Lysecki, Hamilton, ON
Dr. Aynharan Sinnarajah, Calgary, AB
Louise Hanvey (Project Support)