Palliative (Subspecialty) Exam Prep Course Working Group (PEP-C WG)

(Updated May 2019) The CSPCP formed a working group in March 2018 to develop some online study modules to help physicians prepare for the Royal College examination for the Subspecialty in Palliative Medicine. The modules can also be used for self-study.

Terms of Reference

The Working Group, with the help of over 30 volunteer writers, reviewers, and navigation testers, released the first four online study modules in May 2019:

Topics: Complex Symptoms, Heart Failure, COPD, and Pediatric Palliative Care. These were among the topics rated as highest priority in a May 2018 survey of CSPCP members.

Additional modules may be developed in the future.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time and expertise in the development of the four initial modules:









Committee Members
Chair: Dr. Ebru Kaya
Dr. Roger Ghoche
Dr. Sonya Lowe
Dr. Mino Mitri
Kimberly Pinnick Broderick (CSPCP – Chair Support)

With special thanks to
Dr. Charlie Chen
Dr. Alan Taniguchi
For their early input on the course format.