Planning Committees

Conference Committee
Lawrence Lee (Alberta) Chair and Overall Program Lead
Mohamed Abdelaal (Ontario)
Carl Bromwich (Quebec)
Anne-Marie Krueger-Naug (Nova Scotia)
Christian La Riviere (Manitoba)
Robin Love (British Columbia)
Lindy Murphy (Alberta)
Megan Sellick (Ontario)

Workshop Review Committee
Carl Bromwich
Robin Love
Megan Sellick (Chair)

Abstract Review Committee
Carl Bromwich (Chair)
Kelly Emerson
Francesco Mule
Julia Ridley
Hollis Roth
Megan Sellick
Helen Senderovich
Aynharan Sinnarajah
Chris Vadeboncoeur
Zhimeng Zia

Supported by:
Leeanne Akehurst – Intertask Conferences
Leah Salvage – Executive Director, CSPCP
Kimberly Pinnick Broderick – Support to Chair and E.D.
Michelle Veer – Administrative Assistant, CSPCP