2019 Presentations

Expanding Our Reach Together

Thursday, May 23

13:15-14:15 OPENING KEYNOTE – Pippa Hawley
Stigmatization in Palliative Care:  Origins, Effects, Mitigation

14:15-15:45 CSPCP SPECIAL SESSION PART I – Expanding our Reach Together:  Accelerating our Actions and Impact
Stigmatization in Palliative Care:  Origins, Effects, Mitigation

Speakers: David Hui, Pippa Hawley, Jeff Myers

15:45-16:00 Break
16:00-17:30 CSPCP SPECIAL SESSION PART II – Expanding our Reach Together:  Accelerating our Actions and Impact
Workforce Planning and Credentialing for Palliative Physicians
Speakers: Anne Boyle, David Henderson, Leonie Herx

Overview of the priorities and next steps for the National Framework for Palliative Care
Speaker: Venetia Lawless

Friday, May 24


08:00-09:00 Residents’ Presentations (this session is not accredited)
Daniel Carter Ramirez, McMaster University
Developing a Framework for Evaluating a Palliative Approach to Care in Family Practice

Nicolas Chin-Yee, University of Ottawa
Red Blood Cell Transfusion in Palliative Care: A Retrospective Observational Cohort Study

Zhimeng Jia, University of Alberta
Development of a cachexia integrated nomogram to predict survival for inpatients with advanced cancer.


KEYNOTE – Corey Metcalf
Topic: Immunotherapy from Both an Oncological and a Palliative Care Perspective

10:00-10:30 Health/Networking Break, Poster Viewing and Exhibits
10:30-11:45 WORKSHOP SESSION I – Choice of 6 Workshops (repeated in PM)
Workshop 1 Corey Metcalf
Oncological and Palliative Aspects of Immunotherapy

Workshop 2 Amane Abdul-Razzak, Alison Murray

Top Practice Changing Articles of 2018-2019

Workshop 3 Tara Lohmann
Providing Palliative Care for People with Advanced COPD: Current Challenges and Strategies
Workshop 4 Janis Miyasaki
Palliative Care and Neurologic Illness
Workshop 5 Ronald Spice
Support from a Distance – Using Technology to Connect with Palliative Care Patients

Workshop 6 Jessica Simon, Amy Tan, John You
Implementing the Serious Illness Care Program into “Non-palliative Care” Settings
13:00-14:15 WORKSHOP SESSION II – Choice of 6 Workshops
Repeat of Session I
14:15-15:15 Health/Networking Break, Poster Viewing and Exhibits
15:15-16:30 WORKSHOP SESSION III – Choice of 6 Workshops (non-repeating)
Workshop 1 Amit Arya
“Don’t tell Mom.” Developing Cultural Competency in Goals of Care Discussions
Workshop 2 James Downar, Ahmed Jakda
Approaches to Early Identification of Patients who Would Benefit From Palliative Care – Better Tools, Better Systems
Workshop 3 Paolo Mazzotta, Mohamed Abdelaal
Promoting Safer Opioid use in Palliative and End of Life Care
Workshop 4 Michael Slawnych
Optimal Management of Cardiac Devices at the End of Life
Workshop 5 Martin Chasen, Rardi Van Heest
Oncology Survivorship – Alleviating Distress and Providing Symptom Management
Workshop 6 Leonie Herx, Margaret Cottle
Moral Distress and Moral Residue in Palliative Care
Moral Distress Handout
16:30-17:45 CSPCP AGM

Saturday, May 25

08:00-09:15 CSPCP Members’ Showcase (this session is not accredited)

Presentation of top Abstracts
Moderator: Yoko Tarumi

Assessing Preferences for Early Palliative Care Among Rural-Living Advanced Cancer Patients and Caregivers
Amane Abdul-Razzak

Referral Practices of Cardiologists to Specialized Palliative Care in Canada
Michael Bonares

Palliative Care Education in Canadian EM Residency Programs: A National Cross-Sectional Survey
Skye Crawford

Assessing Goals of Care Conversation Quality During Serious Illness Care Program Quality Improvement Initiative
Christina Ma, Lauren Riehm

09:30-10:45 WORKSHOP SESSION IV – Choice of 6 Workshops
Workshop 1 Pippa Hawley
Methadone for Pain: a practical basic to advanced workshop

Workshop 2 Martin Labrie
Palliative Care in Canadian Prisons
Workshop 3 Barbara Pesut
Nav-CARE: A Compassionate Community, Volunteer-based Intervention for Seniors Living at Home with Advancing Chronic Illness
Workshop 4 Chandra Thomas
The Palliative Medicine Physician and Conservative Kidney Management

Workshop 5 Mino Mitri, Charlie Chen
Engage Your Audience: How to Deliver Effective Presentations/Workshops to Champion a Palliative Approach to Care
Workshop 6 Hayden Rubensohn, Christian Wiens
Finding Light in the Heart of Darkness — Depression in Palliative Care
11:15-12:30 WORKSHOP SESSION V – Choice of 6 Workshops
Repeat of Session IV
13:15-14:15 KEYNOTE – Barbara Pesut
Re-imagining Rural Palliative Care: Beyond the Guns and Roses Approach